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a wide range of services, centered in maintaining a high quality of life

At a basic level, our services are easy to define: If you’re in pain, we’ll address it and relieve it. Back Pain. Neck Pain. Lumbar Pain. Any type of pain. If you live in the NYC Metro area / Northern NJ, Spine and Rehabilitation Centers of New Jersey are the people to trust if you had an accident. Back, neck and\or head pain is extremely common after an accident and we can help. Most complaints of pain are not due to a car accident but to myriad other causes including aging, nutrition, slips and falls, family history and disease. Our doctors are trained and have decades of experience identifying and treating these causes so that a pain free life can become a reality.

On a deeper level, we’re committed to modern pain relief solutions and procedures that are effective, permanent and keep the well-being of our patients in mind. All too often, the pain doctor prescribes (and refills) opioids yet doesn’t address the root cause or causes.. Not at SRCNJ. Although opioids certainly have their place, we use them sparingly. Instead we will work diligently with patients
to discuss treatment options, surgical procedures, and reasonable medication (including Medical Marijuana, of which we are advocates).

Ultimately, our goal is to get you out of pain as we follow a treatment plan that is explained by the doctor and agreed upon by the patient. At times, due to the severity of the issue, surgery is the only option followed up by physical therapy. Most times the plan will simply entail a quick and virtually painless procedure or injection.We’re also on the forefront of pain relief technology, embracing modern procedures and constantly updating our equipment, methodologies and skills. Modern medicine is truly amazing and we’re proud to offer what we believe is the best pain relief service in the NY/NJ Metro area.

Surgery &

An orthopedist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems relating to the musculoskeletal system of the human body, including bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and/or muscles. Orthopedic injuries can vary from an uncomfortable sprain or broken bone to a life threatening spinal cord injury. With many tools at their disposal, an orthopedic surgeon can decide on the least invasive treatment method to treat an injury or medical condition

Interventional Pain

In some cases it may be necessary to prescribe a controlled substance as pain management medication. A controlled substance is simply a medication whose possession and usage is monitored by the government, usually because it has a risk of abuse or ddiction. In such a situation, we would thoroughly explain the benefits and the risks of these medications to you. Our pain management doctors would also regularly evaluate and modify your treatment in this situation.

Endoscopic & Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures

Endoscopic Discectomy is one of our more common treatments when it comes to addressing herniated disc pain. Of course, every individual is different, and the location of the herniated disc(s) and other factors will ultimately determine the type of procedure and/or treatment used.

Joint and Trigger
Point Injections

A trigger point injection can help soothe muscle pain, especially in your arms, legs, lower back and neck. It also can be used to treat fibromyalgia, tension headaches and myofascial pain. Trigger points are painful “knots” in your muscles. They form when a muscle can’t relax. Sometimes you can feel these knots when you rub your muscle. Injecting small amounts of anesthetic and steroid into the trigger point can help alleviate the pain.

Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Electrodiagnostic tests measure the electrical activity of muscles and nerves. By measuring the electrical activity they are able to determine if there is nerve damage, the cause of the damage and if the damaged nerves are responding to treatment. If you have pain, weakness or numbness in your back, neck or hands, measuring the speed and degree of electrical activity in your muscles and nerves can help your doctor make a proper diagnosis.

Conduction Studies

A healthy nerve conducts signals with greater speed and strength than a damaged nerve. The speed of nerve conduction is influenced by the myelin sheath—the insulating coating that surrounds the nerve. If the nerve is damaged, however, the signal will be slower and weaker. By stimulating the nerve at various places the doctor can determine the specific site of the injury. Nerve conduction studies also may be used during treatment to test the progress being made.


At Spine & Rehabilitation Centers of New Jersey, we provide outstanding orthopedic physical therapy services you cannot find elsewhere. Our team of board certified and exceptional therapists are dedicated and fully committed to helping you achieve your maximum rehabilitation potential.

We offer hands on, one on one physical therapy. We take the time to carefully evaluate every condition and medical history in order to customize a rehabilitation plan that provides the patient with the care options that best fit their lifestyle and goals.


We provide a complete line of chiropractic services to our patients. Our licensed chiropractors promote ongoing wellness by improving spinal and joint function often resulting in a healthier, more active lifestyle.

With regular adjustments, chiropractic offers a host of preventative health benefits, and is vital for keeping your body balanced, flexible and functioning at its best. With our convenient locations, extended hours, no appointments policy and transportation, choosing Spine & Rehabilitation Centers for you and your family has never been easier.


Rehabilitation is the post-surgical program of re-establishing joint motion, muscle strength around the joint and, finally, joint function. It is very important to understand that rehabilitation is a long process. While the surgery is performed within hours, the rehabilitation needs many months; potentially up to a year. The difference between the length of the surgery and the time needed for rehabilitation is vast. The patients should have that clearly in mind.