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For victims of car accidents, some of the most common injuries are to the back and neck. In many instances, these are due to spinal injuries. According to doctors who specialize in spinal injuries, as people get older, the spine becomes more susceptible to injury due to a loss of water. Commonly known as disc degeneration, it can play havoc with a person’s back and neck when a car accident occurs. In these situations, the discs are less flexible, resulting in them rupturing or herniating. When this happens, the results can be devastating. Along with prolonged and expensive medical treatment, they will be off from work for many months, leading to a severe loss of income. If this has happened to you, there are many legal and medical options you’ll have to consider. 

What Medical Specialists Will Help Me?

When these injuries occur, you’ll likely be referred to a physical therapist and possibly chiropractors, depending on your injuries. Since spinal injuries often require surgery, these specialists can play a significant role in both your neck pain treatment and back pain treatment. If you have had surgery, the physical therapist will help you regain mobility and function by customizing a series of exercises and stretches to your situation. However, since you may have alignment problems with your back and neck, chiropractors can use various adjustments and other treatments to help ease pain. Since many victims have ongoing pain after these injuries, a chiropractor may need to be seen on a regular basis for months or years.

What If I Already Had Back and Neck Problems Before the Accident? 

Even if you had back and neck issues before your car accident, you are still entitled to seek damages for the re-injury of your back and neck due to the actions of the other driver. Referred to as the Eggshell Doctrine, this means the law is required to accept a plaintiff as they are when a lawsuit is filed. Therefore, even if your spine was weak before the accident, you can still seek compensation for any new injuries you have sustained.

What If My Case Doesn’t Reach a Settlement?

While many of these cases do reach an out-of-court settlement before trial, some do find their way to a courtroom. If this happens to you, don’t worry. In these instances, the judge will have the jury evaluate your damages sustained in the car accident, and to award any compensation based only on the injuries sustained after the car accident. If for any reason the jury is unable to provide adequate apportion for the pain and suffering resulting from the pre-existing spinal injuries, they are then required to award all allowable pain and suffering compensation for injuries sustained after the accident. 

What if an Insurance Company Contacts Me? 

If you are receiving back pain treatment and neck pain treatment following your accident and you are contacted by an insurance company, be very careful. In all likelihood, they are simply looking for any evidence they can use against you to pay little or no compensation. Because of this, never give a written or recorded statement to insurance companies. Instead, contact a personal injury attorney and let them communicate with the insurance company on your behalf. You do not Need a Lawyer to start Treatment! Early detection of injury after a car accident is the best insurance. Although our chiropractors can treat older symptoms of a car accident, it is much more beneficial if you start chiropractic treatment immediately following an accident before it develops into a chronic condition.
Getting a full evaluation by one of our chiropractors after a motor vehicle collision will help to document all your injuries. Chiropractors employ many techniques to treat patients with musculoskeletal or nervous system disorders, the most common technique being spinal manipulation. By manually applying a controlled force into the joints that have limited mobility because of tissue injury, spinal manipulation can help restore joint mobility. Tissue injury has a variety of causes, Including trauma, such as improperly lifting something heavy, and repetitive stress, such as sitting with poor posture for long periods of time. 
Have one of our doctors at The Spine and Rehabilitation Centers Of New Jersey do a full evaluation, they will document alI of your injuries and create a treatment plan right for your injuries. 
With SRCNJ, you can expect to be treated like family and our staff is always ready to help you.
We guarantee results and the utmost care that is incomparable to any other chiropractic care practice. Furthermore, our team of highly competent and caring licensed chiropractors are committed to continuing education and research and this provides them the tools to be able to return an injured individual to the highest possible level of function.