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In some cases it may be necessary to prescribe a controlled substance as pain management medication. A controlled substance is simply a medication whose possession and usage is monitored by the government, usually because it has a risk of abuse or  ddiction. In such a situation, we would thoroughly explain the benefits and the risks of these medications to you. Our pain management doctors would also regularly evaluate and modify your treatment in this situation.

A critical part of any recovery, proper pain management is often difficult. In fact, many patients are insufficiently treated for pain. However, with referral to a pain management specialist, the suffering can be alleviated. This is particularly essential in cases like the following, where the accident injuries can result in intense pain:

● Herniated disk
● Whiplash
● Bruised or broken ribs
● Serious back injuries

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Utilizing their years of experience, our providers all work together, to find the best treatment program for each individual patient. They do this by staying at the forefront of medical research, giving them the ability to deliver the latest and most innovative forms of healthcare. With multiple locations throughout north and central New Jersey , Spine and Rehabilitation Centers of New Jersey is your most convenient multi-specialty clinic with same day appointments available.

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