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When you are injured in an accident and have neck and back pain, many medical issues can result. Since trauma suffered in car accidents or other accidents where one’s body has absorbed a great impact can lead to discs in the spinal column that rupture, bulge, or herniate, it’s crucial to receive proper medical care as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are injured in an accident, not only should you contact a personal injury lawyer, but also receive help from top chiropractors and physical therapists.

Why Chiropractors and Physical Therapists?


While these medical specialists help patients in many similar ways to deal with the effects of back and neck injuries suffered in various accidents, they use different techniques in many cases. With chiropractors, the emphasis is on using joint manipulations and related techniques to not only help ease pain, but also learn more about the underlying condition. Along with this, they also focus on using numerous high-tech treatments, such as electrical nerve stimulation and laser therapies, to help patients have less pain and greater mobility. As for physical therapists, patients often see them after having neck or back surgery. When working with a physical therapist, the emphasis is on having a customized treatment program of weight-bearing and stretching exercises, leading to greater mobility and ability to carry out daily tasks.

How Are My Injuries Detected?


Before being referred to a chiropractor or physical therapist, doctors will use numerous tests to determine the extent of your injuries. The most common is an MRI, which can help a radiologist determine the extent of herniation within your spine. In many cases, patients may go weeks after their accident before starting to experience pain, tingling, numbness, or other similar symptoms. However, once these symptoms do begin to appear, it’s imperative to not only see a physician immediately, but also work with top chiropractors to ease your pain and regain mobility. While it may be unlikely doctors can say unequivocally the disc herniation was caused by the accident, they often use a variety of medical tests and objective data to rule out other possibilities, such as the aging process or preexisting conditions.

Can Insurance Companies Disprove My Injuries?


If you are injured in an accident and file a lawsuit through a personal injury lawyer, expect the insurance company representing the defendant in the case to do everything possible to disprove your case. For example, most insurance companies have in-house doctors they use to analyze medical records with the sole purpose of discrediting plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Often used as expert witnesses to testify in court, they can be convincing to a jury. Along with this, the insurance company will also likely attempt to speak with you in person, where they will probably want you to give a written or recorded statement, hoping you will incriminate yourself. If faced with this possibility, never give any type of statement. Instead, refer all communications to your personal injury attorney. By working with an experienced attorney, top chiropractors, and a skilled physical therapist, your evidence will be just as if not more convincing to a jury.

Work with Medical and Legal Experts


Since your life will be difficult enough due to your injuries, don’t make it harder by putting your trust in medical and legal professionals who have little knowledge of these cases. Instead, contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney immediately after your accident to discuss your case. By doing so, along with receiving care from skilled chiropractors and a physical therapist, you’ll have a better chance of receiving the medical care and financial compensation you deserve.

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