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When you find yourself involved in an accident resulting in a back injury, life can become extremely difficult. Many everyday tasks, such as getting dressed, suddenly become difficult if not impossible to do without assistance. In addition, you’ll likely be off from work for weeks or months depending on the severity of your injuries, which will make it even more problematic to pay for medical treatment and other everyday expenses. In these situations, you will likely first see your primary care physician, then be referred to a specialist who can give a more accurate assessment of your injuries. However, you will probably have your choice of seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist. But in deciding which one to visit, there are several key factors to keep in mind.

Similarities in Treatment 

No matter which of these healthcare professionals you visit, there will be similarities in how they treat your back pain. To begin with, both use various types of non-invasive procedures to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as help the healing process be as fast as possible. In most cases, this is done by using a combination of exercises, joint manipulations and adjustments, and high-tech therapies such as laser therapy or electrical nerve stimulation. 

Differences in Treatment

While there are several similarities in how these healthcare professionals treat patients suffering from back pain, there are also many significant differences. Perhaps the most important is that when a patient sees a chiropractor, it is often still undetermined why the patient is having severe back pain. However, when visiting a physical therapist, the cause of the injury has already been determined by a doctor, and it is the therapist’s job to use various exercises and stretching treatments to help the patient regain mobility and function. Along with this, it’s likely the therapist will be working more closely with the primary care physician, since patients are more often referred to these therapists following surgery.

Can I See Both Simultaneously?

If you have suffered a back injury and are having difficulties with pain, mobility, and the ability to function normally on a daily basis, it’s not out of the question your primary care physician may refer you to both of these specialists. Since you will probably have already received treatment from an orthopedist, both of these specialists can be of help in your quest to be pain-free and able to resume your normal daily routine. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may need a multi-pronged treatment approach. While physical therapy is generally a treatment program for a specified period of time, many people see chiropractors on a regular basis for years, especially if they have ongoing or recurring back pain issues.

How Do I Decide Which is Best for Me?

Since back injuries can be very complex to diagnose and treat, it’s crucial to have a team of doctors you can trust to give you the best advice. By discussing your concerns with your primary care physician, you will be put on the best path to get the treatment you need. However, always remember that as the patient you do have the final say in your treatment, and that there are always additional options if you are uncomfortable with anything along the way. 
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