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Back pain, neck pain and other physical ailments often originate in the spine. In order to receive a comprehensive treatment plan, an exact cause of the pain must be determined. When you have a spinal and posture screening done, it serves as the initial step to formulating a specific solution to the problem you are experiencing. These screenings can reveal important information regarding a person’s overall health and provide a base for an effective course of action.

Chiropractic care works with gentle manual manipulation to correct subluxations in the spine. When the vertebrae are out of alignment it can cause pain, long-term ailments and other symptoms
Chiropractic adjustments can help to treat pain most commonly occurring in the back, neck and shoulder regions safely and effectively. Chiropractic care is also a great non-surgical option when it comes to treating disc herniations. An adjustment is a chiropractic procedure that gently realigns your spine to its proper place to remove nerve interference. Nerve interference, also known as vertebral subluxation, can be the result of an accident, injury or activity. Adjustment is the most common chiropractic treatment and often helps people almost instantly. Spinal manipulation is safe, natural and non-invasive. It restores and improves health by applying controlled force to one or more vertebrae of the spine.

We provide spinal adjustments to patients suffering from the following conditions:

● Back and Neck Pain
● Shoulder Pain
● Lower Back Pain
● Disc Herniations
● Sciatica
● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
● Headaches and Migraines
● Leg Pain, Weakness and/or Numbness
● Much More


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Utilizing their years of experience, our providers all work together, to find the best treatment program for each individual patient. They do this by staying at the forefront of medical research, giving them the ability to deliver the latest and most innovative forms of healthcare. With multiple locations throughout north and central New Jersey , Spine and Rehabilitation Centers of New Jersey is your most convenient multi-specialty clinic with same day appointments available.

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